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My name is Fiona! I go by they/them pronouns.I specialize in 2D and 3D character art. My central personal pursuit is a science-fiction western world-building project.I sometimes stream myself creating art, playing video games, and spending time with my friends.

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Terms of Service

1. No bigoted, gory, illegal, nonconsensual, or sexual content; or genitals.2. I reserve the right to reject any commission.3. You must tell me the details of your commission, including a completion deadline, if any, before payment.4. I will work on your commission after I receive payment through PayPal.5. I will refund the payment if I can not meet the details we agreed on before payment.6. After I complete your commission I will make the file available to you until you confirm you have saved it on your end.7. I reserve the right to display your commission in any gallery or website.8. If you share your commission you must credit me for my work.9. You may not use your commission for commercial use unless I state otherwise.10. By sending payment you agree to my terms of service.


Discord: Fiona#3273